Portfolio of Services

Legal advice on any non-litigious matters in court and any tribunal contemplated for in legislation

General commercial legal advice (i.e lease agreements, eviction, consumer complaints)

Medico-legal claims against health practitioners and hospitals

Reviewing of legal documents and providing legal advice in relation thereto

Drafting of legal documents (formal letters, contracts, condonation applications, etc)

Advice on employment law related matters i.e misconduct (disciplinary processes), incapacity (medical reasons and poor work performance) and operational requirements (retrenchments)

Minimum conditions of employment in terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (i.e remuneration, annual leave, sick leave, overtime, etc)

Unfair dismissal and Unfair Labour practice (promotion, demotion, probation, suspension, disciplinary warnings)

Assistance with CCMA and Bargaining Council processes (conciliation, Con/arb, arbitration, condonation, rescission, Application for legal representation, etc)

Contractual arrangements, settlement agreements, restraint of trade agreements

Employee benefit scheme i.e medical aid, retirement / pension fund, share scheme, etc.

Trade unions (i.e recognition agreements, organisational rights, strikes, lock-outs)

Injury on duty in terms of COIDA

Unfair discrimination in terms of Employment equity legislation

Unemployment (UIF) assistance

Dispute resolution advice (CCMA, Bargaining councils, HPCSA, SANC, FCSA)

Service exclude appearances in court and tribunals.

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